Treasure Island

My goal to always have a work of classic literature on my nightstand has become a serious endeavor, and choosing the next book is not easy. There are so many options! I dithered and vacillated about what to read after finishing Frankenstein.

I raced through some short stories by Hawthorne. (His Celestial Railroad is fantastic, and an excellent extension of Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress.) And I mulled over the choices already on my Kindle. I finally settled on Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson. I like pirates so I was excited to slowly work my way through this adventure. Treasure Island

Little did I know, Treasure Island is an amazing work of literature! The temptation of a writer who loves to read is to look into each theme of a story, each character, each sentence, each literary element, and draw conclusions or parallels. It’s hard to turn off this switch. I began reading with this mindset. I looked for what Stevenson was really communicating. And then it happened: I got sucked right in, totally lost in the story.

Treasure Island is amazing. It begins at the Admiral Benbow Inn and brings the protagonist, Jim Hawkins, across the ocean to Treasure Island. He faces the perils of the sea and the dangers of a mutiny. Long John Silver—that quintessential pirate—is fully and masterfully embodied by Stevenson. Treasure Island was a delight to read. Any review I write will give too much away. So I end with this: read it. It is totally worth it.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have more dithering and vacillating to do about what to read next.

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