Jesus, abundant in power

My family was blessed to remain healthy through the thick of the COVID-19 pandemic. While so many others got very sick, the Lord spared us. That was a great mercy to us and our two little children. It was only in July 2022 that we got it for the first time, and—by God’s grace—it was mild for each of us.

My lingering fatigue, though, was brutal. All I wanted to do was sleep. I dragged myself out of bed in the morning, watched the clock for the kids’ naptimes to come around so I could snooze, and waited for bedtime like a kid waiting for Christmas morning. Thankfully it passed. But while I was waiting, I thought of the several instances in Scripture when Jesus healed someone. It started with a verse I read in the Psalms during my devotion time while I was recovering.

Psalm 147:5says that God is abundant in power. Then I thought of Peter’s mother-in-law. She lay ill, Jesus came and healed her, and she immediately got up and served them. She got up immediately. Jesus didn’t cure her of her germs and leave her lingering in lethargy. His healing was instant and complete. What a beautiful truth of our Lord Jesus!

We are not promised physical healing on earth. These mortal bodies of ours will fade like the grass of the field (Psalm 103). But the power of God is abundant. There is nothing He can’t do. There is nothing too difficult for Him. There is no earthly situation beyond His capabilities.

It’s easy to casually talk of God’s omnipotence as though it’s a simple thing. But when we stop and consider that depth and effects of God’s power, we ought to be buoyed on to love and good works because it is the Lord working through us.

Being sick and homebound because of COVID-19 wasn’t pleasant, but I’m grateful for what I learned of the power of God during those days of ennui. It’s a lesson I don’t want to soon forget.


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