Opening your door and your life

Elisabeth Elliot—one of my favorite authors and an incredibly inspiring Christian—speaks fondly of childhood memories of the company her parents entertained in her book The Shaping of a Christian Family. Visiting missionaries, church members, or friends were regularly welcomed in their home and at their table. Elliot goes on to write of the impression that left on her about being hospitable.

hospitality welcome to our home

Romans 12 identifies the marks of a true Christian. Hospitality, that old-fashioned virtue, is inexcusably among them. Elliot’s childhood and what is commanded in Scripture formed her view of hospitality. She had an open home just as her parents did.

What is hospitality, though? Is it always having people over and feeding them?

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Recycled: We Shall Not Be Shaken

While endeavoring to write more, I came across a website that provides 365 writing prompts. I have chosen a handful of them to use here in time. For the first one, I chose the following prompt: “Recycle: Take something you’ve written in the past and rewrite it into a completely different piece.”

I picked a piece that I wrote in 2007 titled “We Shall Not Be Shaken.” This was always one of my favorites and I hadn’t read it in years. I decided to take it and make it into something new using the events of the last few weeks. Here it is:

As most of you know, my dad had a very unexpected heart attack two(ish) weeks ago. I had arrived home from school earlier than usual and my dad soon after finished his treadmill run. It is not unusual for my dad to feel a little off after a run; after that energy expenditure and the heat and humidity, it is reasonable for the body to be working more for homeostasis. By all appearances it was a regular Wednesday evening. But rather than a fit body reaching its equilibrium quickly, as it always has, my dad just wasn’t starting to feel better. He then asked for an ambulance.

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