Grammar for the People: punctuation I

Grammar for the People2We have determined that it only takes two seconds to capitalize letters at the start of each typed sentence. Adding punctuation to the end of each sentence also only takes two seconds to do. Here are the options you have to perfectly punctuate your writing and reform your lazy ways.

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Vogue punctuation

There is a trend to be trendy, hipster, and cool; and if enough people try to be trendy, hipster, and cool, trendiness and its sidekicks, hip and cool, will no longer be popular; when what was once considered trendy is no longer trendy, it becomes common and something else takes its place. I don’t like this cycle, mostly because I don’t want to be like everybody else (now or when a trend has been recycled), and I consider it a matter of principle to show up late to the in-vogue party (or miss it altogether).

The trend that is currently crushing my soul is the way the general population and real-deal writers are chunking sentences into single words with periods between every word. When did this become okay?

We have all done it recently or we have been tempted to do it. I even did it once because I knew it would portray the right degree of emphasis. (I wish I hadn’t done it. I was instantly filled with regret and my heart still hurts because of it.)

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